Sure Fall In Love, But First With Yourself!

‘Pehle shadi karlo uske baad aage ki zindagi plan karna’, this used to be the staple advise that our parents got from their parents, and our parents try to mould it in a more fashionable way to appeal to our generation. But how true does this stand? Should we really plan our lives only after we found our perfect someone or should we love our life the way we want and find someone who fits like the missing piece in our jigsaw puzzle?

Our parents were wired differently, their ambitions, aspirations and goals were very different from us, not wrong, but different. Marriage was an important phase of their life, an important milestone, a parameter that equated to how stable you are in life. It is not the case with our generation though. We have aims, men and women alike. We understand the importance of solitude as much as we understand the importance of a company. We don’t base our entire life on one person. We don’t put all our happiness in the basket of that one person. We marry because we want to, and not to find a person who can complete us, make us whole. We marry to share our common experiences and joys together, and not to put inherent burden on the other person.

Our generation has seen it all, the switch from analog to digital. The old school way of showing romance is fading away. We acknowledge and understand that love will not forever stay, and that marriage is beyond love. It needs a lot of understanding, support, adjustment and comfort. Earlier the custodian of rendering true support lay on women, but now with the shift in dynamics, women are understanding their various roles apart from being a wife. Men have also stepped up and understand that in order to sustain a marriage companionship is required.

The idea that there’s someone out there for you is not as flawless as it was sold to all of us, and people are realising that. Rushing to get married will only make things difficult. Being open to love, while concentrating on your own life and finding joy in your own actions is slowly becoming the norm. We interviewed many people to ask their opinion on the same, and most of them are of a similar opinion that love and a life partner needs to add a certain amount of value to the others life, without any sort of value addition it’s just a compromise. And we all know after watching Netflix India’s Indian Matchmaking how compromise bears no promise in today’s generation’s idea of marriage.

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